What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is a web-based script installer that makes setting up your favorite scripts a breeze. With a few clicks or your mouse, Fantastico does all the work for you. With 50 scripts ready to install and 56 free website templates to choose from, Fantastico is a must have for all webmasters. Oak Space offers Fantastico 100% FREE to all of our valued customers. Thats over $350.00 in savings!

To access Fantastico, login to cPanel and click the icon labeled "Fantastico" toward the bottom. It is marked with a magician hat :) .

Scripts Included:



Customer Support:

Discussion Boards:




Image Galleries:

Mailing List:

Polls and Surveys:

Project Management:

Site Builder:


Misc. Scripts:

For more information see Fantastico site

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